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A Code-Driven Development Cheatsheet


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Our Code-Driven Development with Features training in Chicago was a very interesting experience for us: people with different levels of Drupal expertise were able to appreciate the benefits of code-driven development and the most experienced attendees managed to experiment with the development workflow on their own laptops, by building and modifying sandbox websites.

As a gift to those who couldn’t attend the training because it was sold out, and to all lovers of Drush, Features and code-driven development in general, we are sharing a Code-Driven Development Cheatsheet that was part of the training materials. Please find it attached to this post, in PDF format.

We still have some printed copies available to give away; if you are attending the Drupal Government Days in two weeks in Brussels and are interested in one just let us know.

Thanks to the DrupalCon trainees for their nice and constructive feedback, to DrupalCon organizers for assistance and logistics… and for those who couldn’t make it to Chicago, there will be further opportunities in Europe in the next months!

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