First Aid Tips and Supplies for Your Dog

As pet owners, you must have the appropriate knowledge in caring for your dog and most important are first aid procedures and supplies for your dog

. It is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it can save the life of your pet. You should have a first aid kit supplies available in your homes. Accidents can happen in our most unexpected time and place. As pet owners, we should be prepared and ready for anything that could happen to your pet.

When emergency situations occur you should assess your dog. Observe and carefully approach your dog. Know if he is breathing or he is bleeding. Do not rush into things without assessing. When the dog is no longer breathing, you have to start doing CPR. If he is bleeding, you should apply pressure to the wound. Handle your injured dog carefully. They bite when they are scared or in pain. Always remember to keep your face away from the dogs’ mouth. To reassure your dog that everything is in control use a soothing voice. The dog will be scared when you shout, and you do not want to scare him. If you need to take him to the dogs’ clinic, you have to put a muzzle when the wounds are too painful. Smaller dogs can be wrapped in a blanket or towel. You can also use stretchers such as a board or blanket to carry him using a hammock-style sling.

You have to buy first-aid supplies for dogs that include a first aid manual for you to read and for a quick reference. The veterinarian data sheet must be ready at all times. Data in this sheet contains information such as name, age, weight and breed of your dog. Also, the telephone number of your veterinarian, the health and vaccination records of your dog. The first-aid kit should also contain a digital rectal thermometer. This is to check the temperature of your dog if he has a fever. Vaseline and KY Jelly are also important to lubricate the tip of the thermometer. An injured animal should be kept warm blankets, and an ice pack is also beneficial. A soft fabric muzzle, tweezers, scissors, rubber latex gloves, eye droppers, cotton balls, bandages, adhesive tapes, antiseptics and medications should be included in the kit.

Medication is the most important part of your first aid supplies for dogs. Medicines such as kaopetate, Pepto Bismol, PNP Buffered Aspirin for dogs, Bebe-Bac Gel, Pure calm for anxiety and panic attacks, Dramamine, Benadryl tablets, Pedialyte, Sterile Saline Solution and ear cleaning solution must also be available. Other items that are useful and should be included in your first aid kits will be the lightweight leash and collar, a flashlight and a clean wash cloth.

Again, first aid is not intended as an alternative for medical and veterinary care but it is useful stabilizing the condition of the animal before reaching a veterinary clinic and with proper care given by specialized veterinarians. This first-aid care should be followed by a veterinarian’s attention or any other animal emergency clinic. Being prepared has more chances of survival. Check out for more –


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