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Seasonality SEO and Fluctuations with Real Estate Facebook App


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Working with SEO all year round will help you to create some pretty stable results, especially if you are targeting the same pages each day.  In order for SEO to work properly you need to spend a lot of time on a site or page in order for it to rank.  However there are some rarer cases, where SEO can be deployed in a fast and effective manner for a short period of time.  A single form of SEO that has become apparent to me and a colleague of mine is that seasonality has a massive effect on SERPS.

Targeting specific times of the year for certain terms will cause results to act in a different way.  One of the most apparent is around Christmas time, when all hell breaks loose around the SEO world for some terms that revolve solely around Christmas time!  Time to start attacking these terms occurs around September; just before the influx of people begin to start searching for it!  This is where the problem begins.

One of the biggest problems is the sense of seasonality and going for terms that bring traffic immediately!  Christmas terms will only bring traffic, and therefore results at Christmas time (well “DUR”).  However, once a position has been attained, link building will cease and won’t begin again for another 6-7 months…  I have been guilty of this as well, which is what brought me to write this Guest post.  The problem is that as you stop this link building for over half a year, you need to do it again the same time of the year, with almost as much effort.

Now the advantageous / disadvantageous side effects of this on Google are as follows:

  1. Results will randomly fluctuate very quickly, changing your positions in the SERPS from day to day.  It all depends on how competitive the market is, and how much link building has been done!
  2. In order for you to appear in the SERPS quickly and for a short amount of time, aggressive link building must take place, but this will cause your SERP to become erratic.  Such a high volume of links in a short period of time, will cause it to jump around, more commonly known as the “Google Dance”.  Only this time it won’t settle very well.
  3. Google will not be able to decide on how trust worthy this particular page is!

One thing that you must do, yet I have seen sites do in the past, is you should never delete your page!  EVER!  Seasonal pages need to stay on the site, even if you only place them in the sitemap!  Deleting a page, obviously means that it is no longer indexed and all those links you built go to waste!  Another key point would be to continue small amounts of work on the page throughout the year, building up a trong and regular profile when others are not!  This will make the page look more reliable, stable and trustworthy.  This will then in turn help to give you a more stable position in the higher end of the Search Engine Results!

Of course you may have noticed that I have labelled the fluctuations as “Advantageous” as well as “Disadvantageous”!  The reason they could sometimes work in your favour, is that at some point you could find yourself flung into the top ten or top 5, for a burst of traffic!

Ultimately though you would want to save yourself all your time and effort on these terms when they come around, and continue with others.  By building links and creating new content all year round, you establish a stronger and more stable SEO campaign!

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