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Winners Playground Joker123 Slot Casino – Review


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Winners Playground has been unresponsive lately to both customers and portal operators. Delays in paying out winnings also appear to be a problem.


Players should in the future be wary of support at this casino. The operator was given a number of opportunities to clear the air regarding various queries, and those opportunities went begging until told of an impending warning to be placed on this review, whereupon the operator tried to lay the blame elsewhere – manager on long trips, Got2Bet unable to deliver any customers, etc.


This review is left up so that this warning can be seen. It’s a pity that what could have been a very good operation turned into a very mediocre one. All links to the casino, however, are removed, and ratings reassigned.


Original review July 1, 2001 – The Nation of Celebration – or a nation of winners, I suspect – that’s the phrase used by Winners Playground to promote their new casino.


Now I don’t know about you, but the allure of being able to play at a Winners Playground (as opposed to a regular playground, where it gets kinda boring being the biggest guy around) was just too good to resist. As a real example, when I go to my usual haunt in Vegas, I am the one placing the biggest bets – and it’s no fun to be surrounded by dollar blackjack players when you want to play $50 or $100 per bet… needless to say I have decided that my next trip be to someplace like Caesars, Bellagio or the like.


So off I went in search of a gaming paradise. Having not played at a Realtime Gaming (RTG) for sometime, the first shock I received was the sight of many new games which I hadn’t seen before – and that set me off.


Now, my friend the Wizard of Odds knows that I have a penchant for playing weird table games, like the newly introduced Deuces Wild Hold ‘Em Fold ‘Em… which over the course of the last two trips has cost me a pretty penny. His advice was “Don’t play that game.” But did I listen?


Fortunately, my experience playing around at Winners Joker123 Slot Playground (like a kid in a candy store) was the opposite – I tried out many of the new Video Poker machines and won a bit, but also got to play Pai Gow Poker, Casino War (which I remember as a kid but never played for real money), Let ‘Em Ride (Let it Ride), Tri-Card Poker (Three Card Poker) – all of my favorite table games were available! And I actually won a sizeable amount playing Let ‘Em Ride and Tri-Card Poker… heck, I might stop playing at the real casinos if this continues…


Of course, you can also find the usual Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat and Roulette games as well as a few slot machines – but if you like table games or video poker the selection is absolutely one of the best on the Net.


Winners Playground is one of the newer RTG sites on the Net. While I know a number of them have been suffering from a variety of nagging problems lately, you won’t find those problems here. And having met some of the Winners Playground team in person certainly increases my trust in them.


Promotions change on a regular basis at Winners Playground – they run promotions for new and existing players, and based on what I’ve seen so far, they’ll make every effort to keep their customers happy! Now, if they would just send me to Disneyland…


Deposits are either by credit card or through FirePay… and there are a number of withdrawal options which seem to be fairly standard. They also have a live chat option through which you can get extremely fast answers to your questions – the lady I talked to was quite efficient and delivered immediately on her promise to send me an email with the latest information. High marks here!


If you’re looking for a new place to hang your hat, Winners Playground must be on your shortlist – with a wide variety of games and fast, efficient support, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another online casino that lives up to this high standard. (Editor’s Note: Even we are wrong sometimes)



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