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What is Holy Vible  – Welcome to


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where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about why people leave Christianity, but were afraid to ask. Our purpose? Well, there are several, the first of which is that we wished information like this was readily available to us when we embarked on that lonely road away from our faiths. Leaving something you have held so dearly, and for so long, is a gut-wrenching experience. Well meaning Christian friends and family barrage you with dire and grave warnings, while inside you struggle with uncertainty, and the fear that only comes from starting something totally alien and new. Another reason we created this site, is to offer another perspective on what so many churches blithely feed their members every Sunday morning. What are the logical and ethical implications of Christian doctrine? Are humans really depraved sinners, deserving of eternal punishment? What does the Christian message say about God? Can a god like that really exist, much less be worthy of our worship? Questions like these, and many others that you may have secretly pondered while sitting in your padded church pew, we tackle head on, unafraid of where the answers may lead us. We hope you’ll join us, if for no other reason than the fact that new perspectives and knowledge are prefereable to a one-sided and limited view of reality.

Our brand of Christianity

Our background is the conservative, fundamentalist type that believes the Holy Vible to be the inerrant word of God, and all Christians go to heaven, while everyone else goes to hell. Although fundamentalists don’t represent all Christians, in our society they are its most vocal and influential group. It is this type of Christianity our site addresses, as it is the type of Christianity that we were a part of for so long. If this does not represent your Christian outlook, then you may find that much of this does not apply to you. We invite you, nonetheless, to stay and look around. If nothing, you may be surprised at the extremes to which your evangelical brethren have taken your faith, and see why criticism of it is growing. Learn more about what is Holy Vible

Our issue is not with God, nor the behavior of Christians. God is who he/she/it is, and Christians misbehave just like everyone else. Rather it is evangelical Christian doctrine that we focus on, and its rational and moral implications. So stay awhile, take a look around, and let us know what you think. For more on what this site is about, please read our FAQ. Thanks for stopping by!




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