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BuccaneerMike’s Standalone slot onlain Player at Project Playlist


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BuccaneerMike has been sorting and culling and is building a great freakin’ playlist over at projectplaylist.com. No, not really a contender to other playlists sitting around in various formats, but one that gets me in the right frame of mind when playing poker. I have some pretty diverse tastes in my music, and he’s got everything from AC/DC (my personal suggestion: “She Got The Jack” by AC/DC, the greatest poker song that really isn’t) to Tom Jones, with stops at slot onlain (“Next Contestant” is my new favorite song of all time, with “Real Big Time”, the mashup of Peter Gabriel, Mannie Fresh, and Jean Knight a close second) and Rick James. It isn’t huge, but it’s goodly stuff, and I have to see if he’ll shoot me the codes to pop that baby in here someplace, if I can keep it from playing immediately upon loading a page (a personal pet peeve of mine).

Much thanks…

… again to Iggy, who was the first to step and help me out with winning my bet. I’d made a bet that I could hit a certain target for selling links in the first quarter of the year, and was $7 short with 39 hrs to go.

Thanks also to Tripjax for being willing to be an alternate, just in case.

I promise I’ll toss it back into the poker blogger economy this week at the Mookie, probably in donktastic fashion.

Help me win a silly bet!

For reasons I can’t disclose (but they involve a silly bet), I need to sell a text-link for $7.01, so if you, Mr. Advertiser, would like a link on this site for, let’s say, 2 weeks, and can send the $7.01 to me by MIDNIGHT, Saturday, March 31, 2007 at Full Tilt or Stars or Paypal, I’ll write up a nice short post thanking you with your link in it. And who knows, if I forget to delete it two weeks from now, it’s a helluva deal… 😉

Words of Wisdom from Mini-Me

“I could use a good beating”

Verne Troyer to Tracy Bingham

Yeah, so, if I decide to join the Mookie tonight it will be with that mindset. Not a good week at the online felt. Besides I really ought to spend a little time with Mrs. Big and watch her show with her. She’s a Lost fanatic.

Why would I do this?

Because… because… I’ll be playing my first LIVE POKER this weekend in almost 2 yrs!

BuccaneerMike and Joeboddy are bringing over a new 5th-wheel camper on a shakeout run before Joeboddy starts chasing the boys from Nascar all over the south. They waited too long, though, and missed out on getting a site out on one of the islands here, so we’re stuck inland in St. Augustine. I’ll be hitting the phones hard the next couple days to try to lock down any cancellations.

I haven’t played live since I got laid off many moons ago, but I can’t pass up the opportunity. Gotta dig out a few more players to round out Saturday night’s game, though. Mrs. Big gave me a kitchen pass – must be all the clean living – and I have no clue where I’m going to pull together a live-roll, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Maybe Saturday afternoon playing $2 poker with the donks at the track.

Whatever, I’ll figger it out.

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