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Floating in the Mediterranean Sea, 80km south of Sicily, lies the picturesque island of Malta. Having been to Malta in the past during an escorted European tour, I’d love to go back and look around on my own schedule – snapping as many pictures as I can of course.

A few people have asked me for any recommendations on places to stay. Rather than responding directly, I decided to write this post and look into the options with more detail to find some truly unique hotels and hostels for your delight, as well as what to do when visiting such a pretty place.

Where should I stay? Nothing is really all that far from anywhere else – the Island is only 316 km2 – but a good location can make all the difference. Malta is easily travelled by hopping on and off the local vintage yellow and white buses. However they don’t run late into the evening so I would recommend hiring a car for a few days so you can explore to your heart’s content. To keeps things on budget, you can collect a little run-around from Economy Car Hire for a reasonable price and stay out as late as you want. It feels good knowing you can get where you need to with ease.

Traveling from North to the South of the island only takes an hour and there are lots of great accommodation options along the way. However, your personal tastes and what you want from your time in Malta will dedicate where you want to stay. If you want a more lively and upbeat location, Hotel Juliani in St Julians makes a great base. It’s a small yet stylish boutique hotel that provides stunning views over the Spinola Bay. At a reasonable price, it’s pretty traveller friendly. If you want a place to stay with an integrated nightclub and bar, then the Empire Studio Apartments provides the perfect place for a lively stay.


If restful is what you want, stopping off in Sliema could be just the ticket. Explore the peaceful streets and enjoy the stunning surroundings – snapping the beautiful building as you go. There are a lot of places to rest your head in Slieme, but if you’re on a budget, then the Family-run Balco Harmony Hostel is a nice, clean base. From here you can head to the sandy shores of St. George beach or explore the local cafes dotted on the neighbouring streets.

No trip to Malta would be complete without exploring the city’s capital Valletta. Most of the buildings that make up this stunning city were built in the 16th century and have a nostalgic baroque character. Valletta was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980 and due to this, I think staying in a traditional hotel or building is a must to really soak in the feel and history of the city. The Valletta Boutique is located right next to the St. John’s Cathedral and offers beautiful views of the city. Whilst in Valletta, I would highly recommend exploring the two natural harbours the city boasts and enjoying the stunning churches, cathedrals and palaces all open to visitors. Sounds good? Do you want to buy calendars? Order family planner calendar here.

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