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Pictures from a developer’s life: part 3

After your great feedback I’m posting the third collection of pictures from a developer’s life. Enjoy! :)Most of them are originally from The coding love – thanks to Nicolas Lecointre for permission to post them here. A couple of bonus pictures included as well.

When I see someone commit 500 files to fix one bug

When I notice I was editing production code and I quickly correct my errors

When I try a solution without reading the docs first

When I am asked about something from the 900 pages of documentation

When after a big update I test the new site with IE

When I am the only one to notice a bug on friday night

When they me ask if I have tested it

Ninja-fixing a bug 10 minutes before the demo for client

When they tell me the website has to be supported by IE6

When a misformed sql query actually returns me the correct results

When I find out that someone has accidentally overwritten my changes in git

When after a productive day I’m so confident that I think I can handle parkour tricks on the way home

When I start coding without doing analysis first

When project manager thinks that I can handle whole project all by myself

When I did a good job and the client is happy


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