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3D Online online casinos usa – The Future?


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So there are now 4.3 million results on Google for “3d poker”. Perhaps that means 2007 is going to be a whole lot different to 2006 when it comes to burning through a few chips at 3am on a Friday night..

Here’s some of the big boys from that search on the almighty G:

Live Poker

3D Poker Room


The 3D Poker

Personally I haven’t played on any of them, but with the lines between TV, DVDs, video games and the internet becoming ever increasingly blurry – I don’t think that virtual reality online casinos usa is far off.

I have so far avoided the lures of a more physical poker table because I think it will seriously distract me from the mechanics of actually playing the game.

Sites like PKR boast that you can customize your avatar and their actions, which leads to a worrying thought.

Instead of worrying about whether or not the Terminator sitting across the table from me is bluffing or not, I’ll be concetrating on how effectively he is disembowelling the puny human sitting beside him.

With more and more players moving offline, will this beefing up of the online scene bring them back? It strikes me as being an effort to make online poker more like offline (or live) poker, to try and make playing online feel less geeky and solitary.

Do you play on the 3D sites? If so, how is it? Do you get distracted by the wittering avatars, or do they bring a much needed sense of realism to the game?

Online Poker Is Rigged: Proof!

Bet that got your attention eh?

Of course online poker isn’t rigged. Besides the obvious point that it’s not in the companies interest to rig it (ie, they’re already making more than enough money since their costs are virtually nothing), it would be far too complicated to do it properly, and if done properly – we would know about it by now.

I think I’ve posted about this before, but there was a recent thread on PokerNews forum that cracked me up.

This guy has a study of 5,000 hands and was assisted by a physics professor because he is “not that good in math”.

Firstly, it’s “maths”, not “math”. You wouldn’t say, “I’m studying Mathematic” would you? “Maths” is a shortening of “Mathematics”. Just to be clear (and pendantic 🙂 ).

Secondly, 5,000 hands?! That’s barely enough to assert whether or not you’re a good player, let alone whether a random number generator is random or not. Heck, a real, truly chaotic RNG could produce 1,000 “42”s in a row and still be working properly.

This quote from the poster tickles me even more:

“Well it is rigged and I did my own inverstigation and easily determined that, ONLINE POKER IS LOTTERY POKER!!! UNLESS YOU ARE A SCAMMER! Well guess what I have perfected a scam and am proudly using it to win lot of money now.

I dont even care if you think I am bull shitting here as I recently cashed out 25k on a poker site I will leave unnamed.”

So hang on, it’s rigged, a scam – and now suddenly you can win and cash out $25,000? Get your story straight man!

If it were that obvious and that easy, we’d all be doing it. I thought these naysayers and unbelievers disappeared ages ago, but apparently they are still alive and kicking.

Shuffle up, (stack the deck) and deal!

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