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jala slot 2: The Picking up of Wong Bulldozer


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So sorry for Wong not write yesterday. It being very busy. Wong needing contact bail bondsman, bribe at magistrate, also threaten at Gary Wong.

Yesterday morning Wong going at Gary Wong house for to pick up bulldozer Wong winning in paigow match. Sally Wong coming for to drive Wong car home and Wong going drive bulldozer. When we getting there, there now being 3 repo man in orange vest that say “City” trying for steal at Wong new bulldozer!

Wong get out and try for to negotiate at repo man like honorable businessman, but Sally Wong having bad temper. She start shooting at everybody. It very lucky that she begin drinkings before breakfast and hit at nothing except Gary Wong window and neighbor cat. At least that taking care of lunch!

While Wong and repo man all taking of cover behind bulldozer, Wong attempt for continue with negotiatings. Repo man playing now dumb, pretend for not understand Wong, say they are owning at bulldozer and needs use it for road constructings. Wong being have sympathy, offer for rent at them bulldozer, but they want keep claim it belonging not even to Wong! Wong try offering for to play paigow double or nothing, but they fearing of Wong paigow skills.

Wong finally now lose patients, standing up for to tell Sally to shoot mean repo men, see now that police are arrive and trying arrest at Sally. She fight like crazy wild lady, biting at one police man and kick in the scrotums of other man. They mace at Sally and then wrestle her at ground and now handcuff her and put in police car.

Wong try for offering at police man Wong’s Happy Ending gift certificate for to let go Sally Wong, but they being too angry and embarrassed for having be injured by 95 pound Chinese lady, insist at taking Sally to jail. It taking 100,000 American dollar in bail moneys and promise of 1 year free happy ending for to make judge release Sally and agree for ignore Sally lackings of green card. For Wong free maintainings of county vehicle and take away all Sally ammunition he promising also for to create bad mistrial so Sally going be able go free on technicality.

When Wong finally going back for claim bulldozer, it being now gone and there now half finished road in front Gary Wong house. Wong become very angry at Gary Wong, refuse for to play jala slot any more unless he betting only in cash moneys.

Here you now link at silly game, Zen Puzzle Gardening. Wong finding it very good for playings when have bad stress day like this.

Tuesday night

So today is the official launch of my new poker project, I should have 500$ credited to my account and I will splash around for 15 min before I ship it to my netteller. I would love to stay on the site but its going to be low traffic for a while and overall between my regular limits and playing on DonkDown with CTH I cant really find time to play anymore poker. Plus someone I know really needs the cash so I promised it to him. The guy was a huge winning player who just got cold decked and is bust. I feel blessed to have a great job and anything poker gives me is just the cherry on top.

This week I think I might actually check out a new live club that opened in MTL, its being run by someone I know is reputable and apparently its really professional. The dealers and free food etc.. They only have low roller games and no limit games, which suck. I am most certainly a limit player so I am disappointed with that but NL is the peoples game now. I am going to get into Contact with Thaaj, if you dont know him, he posts rarely on NWP he plays a lot of 30-60 online and told me he had a Epiphany so he is chilling on Online poker for now. He lives in MTL so we will trek up to check this place out have a few beers and enjoy poker. I fully believe that Online poker is business Live poker is pleasure.

I played yesterday and got run the FUCK over for the first hour again. Eventually finished the day up a whopping 20$ or so on DonkDown. I think that this Friday and Saturday I will play a couple of satellites to get into the 215$ on stars.

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