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Online Casino Malaysia Chip Count Mistake


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8773 Players entered this year’s Online Casino Malaysia Main Event. All, no doubt keen on a victory. Each started with 10,000 chips, meaning the total chips in action were 87,730,000.

However at the end of the final table when the chips were counted there were 90,140,000.

Harrah’s seemed at a loss in terms of how to explain the extra chips.

Even when you take into account that some variance can occur due to chip race-offs, it is impossible for the race offs to account for such a large variance.

Either the dealers cocked up with some chip change overs or someone has been a little naughty. I’m sure security and monitoring will be extra tight next year. Certainly didnt effect the end result though. Jamie Gold proved unstoppable with a fine display of poker.

The Mob League on Full Tilt

The Hendon Mob are doing a slot online league to win a seat at the 2007 Main Event. Below is the schedule of tournaments which contribute to the league table


The unique casino is a series of online poker tournaments, staged at Poker Stars.

It is widely regarded as the best of all online poker series. Part of the reason for this is that it is held just once a year, and part is because of the large guaranteed prizepools, and deepstack structure of all events. Skillful poker players should revel in this series. Some events last 15-20 hours, so it is far from the usual online donkfest. Highly recommended if you know what you are doing.

WCOOP stands for World Championship of Online Poker

Introduction to Jason Stasser

Jason Strasser plays on Poker Stars under the alia Strassa2. He won a WCOOP event in 2006 for a cool $400K. He was also seen chip leading the 2006 WSOP Main event in the latter stages.

Aussie Millions 2007

Aussie Millions is the Southern Hemisphere’s richest poker event. It takes part at Melbourne’s famous Crown Casino.

It is a six day event which takes place in January 2007 and will have a multi million dollar prize pool on offer in the $10,000 buy-in Main Event.

Filmed and broadcast to an international audience by Fox Sports

The event begins on Sunday 14th January 2007

To qualify for this event try Poker Stars (link to the right of this page) as they are doing regular qualifiers at all buy-in levels.

Initial List – Top Online Players

Rizen (Poker Stars) – big tournament winner online plus good WSOP cashes

Strassa2 (Poker Stars) – Winner of a major WCOOP title

Bigriskkyy (Party Poker) – Consistent performer with a 40k Fri night special and a WSOP bracelet under his belt

Wealthyfish (Party Poker) – consistant performer over many years (formerly Lordhutty)

KidWonder (Party Poker) – An Omaha pro and big cash game player

Kvelerslange (Party Poker) – 2 time winner of the Party Poker Million

phatcat (Poker Stars) – a consistant performer on many sites

Annette_15 (Poker Stars) – final table finisher in the WCOOP 2006 main event

kwob20 (Poker Stars) – 2 times bracelet winner in the 2006 WCOOP

Theo_Retical (Party Poker) – prolific on Party, particularly in Omaha

DrParkinson (Party Poker) – simirly to above

ComeOnPhish – a NL rebuy legend

CrazyMarco (Poker Stars) – a very consistant performer on many sites

SamENole (Poker Stars) – many impressive big cashes on Poker Stars

Apestyles (Poker Stars) – a very consistant performer on many sites

Please feel free to comment giving additional suggestions. I will gradually update the list and achievements.

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