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Slot Online – A Game With Its Own Language!


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Are you Foxed by a whole lot of Slot Online terms? What is a Bad Beat? What does Tilt imply and what about Broadway, Cowboy or Nuts? These terms may sound strange and meaningless to the uninitiated but the fact is that they are all poker terms. A game such as Poker has its own language that is as rich as the game. There is a nickname for everything and if you do not know these terms while playing, you’ll be quite out of place. How does the poker novice go about learning the meaning of these and sundry other words and phrases that make up the language of poker? One online poker room that will come to your rescue is Pacific Poker. Head for the Pacific Poker terminology page and learn all about the different terms used in the game of Poker.

FullTiltPoker.com Announces Gift Certificates to Players During This Festive Season

FullTiltpoker.com is giving gift certificates to all enthusiasts of the game. These gift certificates can be given out to friends and family and can be used for playing on FullTiltpoker.com. Emediawire.com reports:

With prices as low as $25, FullTiltPoker.com’s Gift Certificates are perfect for both casual and serious players alike. Delivered in .pdf format, each FullTiltPoker.com Gift Certificate is available with one of three custom backgrounds, and can be personalized with the message of your choosing.

CardPlayer.com To Give Full Multimedia Coverage, Radio Show and Live Updates on Bellagio Five Star World Poker Classic Championship Event

CarPlayer.com, is one among the largest poker information websites. It is now all set to give a complete multimedia coverage along with daily radio shows, for the Bellagio Five Star World Poker Classic Championship. This event will be taking place between December 12-16. It is a $15,000 buy-in tournament. At the Five Star, CardPlayer.com is also all set to launch its latest live interactive content. The daily road show – ‘The Circuit’ will also be showcased. This show features discussions and analysis of the game by well-known poker players. CardPlayer will be showing streaming video updates that covering all the action besides a full suite of tournament report along with photos, chip counts and expert discussions. Prnewswire.com reports:

CardPlayer.com the website, of Card Player magazine, began providing live tournament coverage in February 2005 from World Poker Tour and Professional Poker Tour events. “For those interested in following high stakes poker action in real time, there is no better place than CardPlayer.com,” said Card Player Media Chairman and CEO Barry Shulman.

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